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Just for the TERRASTOCK 6 launch party on Thursday, April 20, 2006, we have decided to reform. We'll be playing a set right before the phantasmic ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE and right after AREA C, JOE TURNER & THE SEVEN LEVELS, and BRIGHT down in Providence RI at AS220. Tickets are $10 --- don't miss this stellar evening!

We've got another track sticking its undead hands through the soft peat of our silent grave -- it's a track for the Hall of Mirrors compilation, steered by Mason Jones of SubArachnoid Space fame. It's a 2CD compilation on Emperor Jones records, and it's out now! Other bands appearing on the CD include: Kinski, Circle, Gravitar, Overhang Party, Tarantula Hawk, Up-Tight, ST37, Vocokesh, Farflung, Speaker\Cranker, DMBQ, SubArachnoid Space, Fuzzhead, Numinous, Escapade, Acid Mothers Temple, Bardo Pond, Primordial Undermind, Rubble, Transpacific, and Yeti.

You can find it online at the following locations:

Forced Exposure

Abunai! has ceased operation. Thanks to everyone for a great five years! For a retrospective look at the kind words said about us in the past, check out the extensive list of web links from the nice people of ARTISTdirect.

Where are they now?

  • Brendan is now living and working in London, England.
  • Dan is living in the Boston area, inbetween projects.
  • Kris is still in The Lothars.
  • Joe has embarked on a solo career.

    While there is no more Abunai!, word has it that Camera Obscura Records is assembling an odds-and-ends restrospective for 2004 that will feature tracks previously available on hard-to-find compilations, cassettes, and websites.

    Just in time for Groundhog Day (each song includes a burial) comes Abunai!'s final release, the "Two Brothers" 3-song 12" EP on Camera Lucida. "Lord Hampton" was recorded live at Terrastock 4 in Seattle, and the title track comes in two very different studio mixes -- the "version" is a true space-dub flight that you'll want to book right away (only 350 seats available!). In USA, send PayPal payment of 10.50 to kris@abunai.com, or money order for $10 to Kris @ 220 Belmont St, Watertown MA 02472-3542. Outside of USA, inquire for rates.

    Aether/Or Records has just released their compilation Pull Up The Paisley Covers: A Psychedelic Omnibus, featuring Abunai!'s take on the Stones' classic "Citadel", as well as contributions from The Bevis Frond, Sand Pebbles, P.G. Six, Kaminumada Yohji, Peter Scion, and ten other modern psych interpreters. Seven different countries are represented here with all songs exclusive to this album. Order toll-free from Aether Records at (888)674-5723, or order online from the Compilations page of Aether's online Catalog (scroll down the alphabetically-arranged "Title" column; although the comp's title starts with "Pull Up...", it's right before the "Pebbles" series. Don't ask us why...). Still need more info? Aether has a full info page for the release here.

    Abunai! appear with Damo Suzuki, Circle, and nine others on Krautrock Karnival, released in conjunction with an event of the same name in Exeter, England on June 7, 2002 -- "Celebrating Rock's Wildest Genre" goes the tagline. For info and ordering, see http://www.krautrocknet.com/5.htm

    The second issue of DREAM magazine -- that eccentric, occasional California glossy of evocative music and inspired ramblings -- is finally out! In addition to us, the accompanying CD has Greg Weeks, Dipsomaniacs, Magic Carpathians, Magical Power Mako, Mandible Chatter, "and much more..." It's $10 postpaid in the US (internationals: inquire with George); make checks/MOs payable to George Parsons (DREAM Magazine, PO Box 2027, Nevada City CA 95959-1941). More info at http://www.dreamgeo.com.

    OK, we're not playing it this year for a number of reasons -- the Abunai! drummer is also the festival organizer, for a start! -- but we still want to make sure you all know that it's happening, because it's a happening!. TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE and, we're pleased to tell you, selling quickly; already 4/5s of the venue is sold. Go online to the official Terrastock 5 website for more information, and we'll see you there...!

    Abunai! RADIO
    Listen to what's playing on the Abunai! radio. We've got low-speed and high-speed streams; take your pic. Both streams are currently featuring selections from the Abunai! catalog, including unreleased and hard-to-find items! Click here for all the tunes!

    Abunai! RELEASES
    WE ARE BACK IN THE STUDIO! Look for new material by this summer, including what we hope will be a spiffy 12-inch single for our new folk-dub tune...

    We still haven't been sued by Dean Markley for the packaging, so our last record Round Wound is still available now and into its second pressing! 79 minutes of deliciousness presented in a unique CD pouch with artwork by our own Dan P. and Stone Breath-er Timothy Renner. Buy online, at shows, or your local boutique rekkid shop.

    Our very limited-edition 10" individually-made polycarbonate EP is sold out! Called Deep Mu Flux+2, it's somewhat akin to what you'll find on "Round Wound", except you need a turntable to listen. There was only 100 of these puppies, so that's all she wrote.

    Our last release, Abunai! Presents the Mystic River Sound, is still in a store near you! Eleven tracks for your listening pleasure! Look here for ordering info, or check out our label's web page for more information.

    Hey! We got played on John Peel's BBC radio show a few months ago!

    Abunai! LIVE
    Our next scheduled show is September 20, 2001 at The Linwood Grill, 69 Kilmarnock Street, Boston.. The show is 21+ and the price is $6. Here's the lineup!

    SubArachnoid Space   11:00PM   from San Francisco CA
    Abunai!   10:00PM   That's us!
    The Wayne & Kate Experience   9:00PM   Major (Stars) feedback

    Abunai! Old News
    August 9, 2001 -- TT the Bear's, with the ALCHEMYSTS from England. Killah!

    We had a totally rockin' show at the Middle East Downstairs on June 14, 2001 opening for the always-cool Luna. Packed house, good performances on both ends of the bill. Thank you for showing up, if you did!

    We performed live for anyone with a radio or a net connection on 100.1 WBRS-FM's The Joint show on March 1, 2001.

    Undaunted by the snow and bitter chill, our show on January 20 got a whole pack of rabid music fans into the Sky Bar in Somerville to see Black Tara, The In Out, Bright, and our humble selves. Those with a quick eye might have noticed the Sky Bar sound man, Jimmy, as the gent gracing the cover of our CD Round-Wound. Many thanks to him and to Shred and the bands!

    Our CD release show at Lilli's in Somerville, November 30, brought a fair number of folks out against the cold rain. Brother JT from Philadelphia made his appearance as planned, scorching everyone's brains. Lothars and 27 aided and abetted in the best ways possible.

    We had a smashin' time at TERRASTOCK IV, at the Showbox in Seattle WA, November 3-4-5 2000.

    We played on June 3 2000 at Flywheel in Easthampton MA with the fantabulous Bunnybrains.

    We played on March 12 2000 at the Middle East Downstairs with Major Stars and (from Japan) High Rise.

    Lucky were those who caught our two recent out-of-town shows in Washington DC at the Black Kat (12/3/99), and in Philadelphia PA at the Khyber (12/4/99).

    Our last show was October 2, 1999 at the Sky Bar in Somerville MA. We played with Cul de Sac and Choice of Tragic Wives, and none of us got to play pool. However, it was a very cool place to play and we debuted a new song or two. The locals seemed to like the creeping fog and the light show, too!

    Once again we played with the Bevis Frond on September 17, 1999 at T. T. the Bear's Place in Cambridge. Buttercup and Blinker the Star also joined us. A huge and responsive audience -- very well-attended and we had fun.

    Our last show was September 4, 1999 at the Middle East Downstairs, opening for Ganger and Mogwai (both from the wilds of Scotland UK). A tremendous turnout! We couldn't have been more pleased.

    We were honored to play at the Terrastock 3 festival held in London, England on August 27, 28, and 29, 1999. Check out the Ptolemaic Terrascope web page for more information.

    Before that, we played on Monday, July 12 at the Middle East Upstairs. Mark Hamilton presented us along with Moon Patrol, Cul de Sac, and Botanica. An excellent turnout for a Monday night! We thank you all!

    We also played on Saturday, July 17 at THE SPACE, 85 Harding St. in Worcester, MA. Momerath Industries presented a multimedia space/rock happening featuring a Cul De Sac / Abunai! / Moon Patrol triple Worcester CD release! Also appearing were Lauri des Marais & Susan DeLeo.

    Thanks to all of you who came out to see us on November 6, 1998 at the Middle East Downstairs, where we were honored to play with the UK's Add N to X and Seattle WA's Hovercraft.

    July 15 1998 at the Middle East Upstairs was a night of severe brain-cell damage with Charlene, Lockgroove, and from Philadelphia PA, Matador Recording artists Bardo Pond!

    We were pleased to be part of the WZBC 25th Anniversary Party which took place at the Middle East Upstairs/Downstairs/TT the Bear's on Saturday April 25th, 1998. We were honored to be joined by Saturnalia's Jonathan LaMaster, and we were very pleased to see how many of you turned out. A terrific evening, thank you all!

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