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Abunai! LINKS
Click here for our AMG All Music Guide entry.

Click here for our ARTISTdirect entry.

Click here for our Psychedelic Music Database entry.

Abunai! weblinks, courtesy of the nice folks at ARTISTdirect.

Our label, Camera Obscura.

Our Favorite Links

Enter the world of the Ptolemaic Terrascope

Kris is also in The Lothars

Delerium's Psychedelic Web, a psychedelic music information archive and online mail-order resource.

Enjoy some cool webcast radio from Philly's Screaming Streaming Music.

What is it about the City of Brotherly Love and cool music webcasts? Check out Pete Losafa's Drug Music Webcast

Simple answers to your basic questions about All Things Drone-acious can be found in the FAQ for the DroneOn mailing list.

Scott Sterbenz's interesting text and images at Sanfransicko.com

Say "hi(gh)!" to Wayne and Kate at Twisted Village Records

Aural Innovations magazine, a cosmic music clearinghouse of information, reviews, interviews, and links.

Help plot the formation of a psychedelic society! Check out the Island Web.

MAPS: Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies

The home page for U-SPACES, a psychedelic music discussion group.

Find free MP3 downloads and more at the Worship Guitars web-zine and catalog

You have to check out The Acid Trip Outlaw at least once!

Folk Music Resources

The Bee's Knees, an English folk/roots information archive.

English Folk and Traditional Music

The Folk Corporation

Selected English Folk Singers

The Folk Pages

The Digital Tradition

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