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The Noise, #207 (Dec-2000/Jan-2001)

ABUNAI!		Camera Obscura
Round-Wound	21-song CD

This guy walks into a bar with a big duffel bag over his shoulder.  He
goes up to this other guy who's just sitting there, drinking.  First guy
takes a huge crystal punch bowl outta the bag and sets it on the bar.
Pulls a 10-gallon jar full of various drugs outta the bag and dumps 'em in
the bowl.  He handcuffs the other guy to the barstool and takes out an
extra-large funnel, a leaf blower, and some masking tape.  He tapes the
small end of the funnel into the guy's mouth, and the large end to the
leaf blower, then dumps the drugs into the leaf blower so they go shooting
through the funnel down the other guy's throat.  Then he takes a
double-nozzled, hydraulic bicycle pump, sticks one nozzle in each of the
other guy's ears, and starts pumping like crazy.  The other guy's head
quintuples in size, and this weird, green fizzy stuff comes spewing out
of his ears, and he starts to levitate.  Just then, Jesus Christ shows up
with a giraffe in a prom gown.  The giraffe orders appetizers in Esperanto
while Jesus starts swinging by his knees from the chandelier, screaming,
"I'm a porcelain princess from Poughkeepsie!"  The cops burst in, and the
first guy pulls a titanium weed-whacker from the duffel bag and
decapitates everyone in the room, but instead of blood, these bunches of
hundred-foot-long tinsel streamers come flying out of everyone's neck.
A typhoon rips the building off its foundation and whips it onto a
lightning bolt, which flings back out through space and dumps the whole
shebang on Venus.  The clouds part, and the disembodied voice of Bea
Arthur bellows, "Is that close enough for Abunai!?!"

(Translation:  This is harsh, trippy, and beautiful.  Totally heavy, but
never leaden, despite its self-imposed constraints.  Not to mention live
with no overdubs.  Pretty fucked and pretty goddamned impressive.)

                                (Joe Coughlin)

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